Who We Are

Students pursuing an English major or minor complete coursework in literature, writing, and language theory, based on their interests and life and career goals, in the process becoming skilled readers, writers, and thinkers. By reading texts in many genres from American, British, and world literatures, students in English classes learn both to analyze texts and create their own original texts.

The English Department supports a rich variety of experiences to complement student coursework. The Visiting Writers Series and Holder Memorial Lecture brings the best of nationally recognized poets, fiction writers, and language theorists to campus to share their work and meet and work with students. The Flintlock, the campus arts magazine, provides students with the opportunity to serve on an editorial board, selecting submissions for publication in a high quality magazine released each spring semester. The YIP, the NWU student newspaper, published in both print and e-format, offers students interested in journalism the opportunity to enhance their writing, editing, layout, and advertising knowledge. Many English majors and minors apply for positions as consultants with The Cooper Center, the campus academic support and writing center.

Each year, the English Department recognizes a variety of students with awards for writing and scholarship. Awards provided through the generosity of our alums include the Boatwright Prize and the Hudson Scholarship. The Camacho Prize, an award for humorous writing honors the memory of another English alum. The awards ceremony coincides with the release of The Flintlock each spring semester. Many of our students are recognized for their academic achievement by being invited to join Sigma Tau Delta, the English Honorary Society.

Active on campus, English majors and minors combine their love of English with programs in other disciplines including psychology, theater, business, education, and biology, to name but a few. They apply for local and national internships, such as at Sandhills Publishing and the Denver Publishing Institute and they enroll in national and international off campus study opportunities such as NWU’s Capitol Hill Internship Program in Washington D.C.

English alums, as the corresponding pages on this blog show, successfully pursue a variety of careers in the legal and health care fields, data and information technology, the arts, publishing, business, and education.

Students who study English are not only prepared for fulfilling careers, they know from studying literature, writing, and language theory, the ways in which language empowers human beings and the value of a life well lived.


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